Saturday, January 30, 2010


Some of you that know me and my love for ag and livestock, probably thought this post was going to be something about that. Well this is actually a house/living/wifey post! I took the advice of my sister-in-law, Lindsay, and my co-worker and bought the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. It is soooooo awesome! Pretty shocking at how great the suction is. (Here is Lindsay's Animal story.)

Before we bought it, we vacuumed the whole house with the old vacuum (I think it wanted to die anyways after being in my college houses). The next day, after we had bought the Animal, we vacuumed again. And had to dump the canister 3.5 times!!! Part of it is due to the fact that Hank, our dog, is shedding more and more since he can't go outside to roll around in the grass. And partly due to the fact the other one just sucked...I mean didn't suck. :) Yeah for a clean house!


Miss Mandy said...

haha yay for clean houses!!!

PS I just realized that we have the exact same borders! I like that website!

Lindsay said...

i told you it would be scary! :) I am glad you like it though.

kandace said...

I want one for our lab! Good to know they are worth it!!!