Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekend project #4

So, obviously this took longer than one weekend, but was completed over a series of weekends, thus justifying it to be called a weekend project! We added two walls to our current unfinished laundry room, sealed and painted the concrete brick wall, and installed a toilet. Lots of work for two new homeowners!

Here are the BEFORE pictures:

DSCI0087 - Copy - CopyDSCI0086 - Copy - CopyMy sister, Emily, came to visit during Thanksgiving and she graciously helped with the sheetrock efforts!

DSCI0089 (2)DSCI0090 (2)DSCI0091 (2)

Mudding came next:DSCI0108 

DSCI0093 (2) Thanks for modeling, Em!

Then painting!

DSCI0090 (3) DSCI0091 (3)  DSCI0092 (3)      

Ronny had to seal the concrete wall before we painted it.

Then time to start with our three layers of brick-red paint! DSCI0119 DSCI0120DSCI0121DSCI0155

Ronny caulked around the windows. Before there was insulation coming out of the window frame.

Then a toilet appears! There was already a plug for the toilet, so we just had to have a plumber come and install it.


Then to add some accessories!  DSCI0127DSCI0160

And we’re done!
Before and after:

DSCI0086 - Copy - CopyDSCI0156


kandace said...

that looks really great! love it!

Lindsay said...

you chose that one! thanks again for letting us come and crash your place! we loved it!

Alicia said...

Nice Work!