Sunday, October 31, 2010

Done. Just in time for winter…

One month ago, I blogged this teaser:DSCI0020

I definitely meant to report sooner when we finished, but I guess one month is pretty good for this project. Ronny and I started with this bare slate….our deck (notice the much greener grass and leaves on the trees as well! Amazing the changes in one month). DSCI0012

It’s not a very big deck, but whoever thought two coats of stain was a good idea?! Here we are, just about finished with coat #1.DSCI0018

Hank helping the process – definitely getting stain on his nose a few times.DSCI0014

We finished up today. A much prettier deck.DSCI0026     DSCI0023 DSCI0024 DSCI0025

Happy Halloween!

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