Thursday, July 12, 2012

Michigan Part 1 | Road trip!

And we’re off!

After the fun Fourth of July festivities in Seward, Ronny, my sister, Emily and I headed out on a road trip to Michigan. We had been wanting to get to Michigan to visit Ronny’s cousin, Billy, who is in grad school at Michigan State, and to see where their Grandpa Pope grew up near Lansing.

First stop….Iowa! I’ve never driven through the whole state of Iowa, so that was a fun treat to see all of the corn. Y’all know I like corn. :)

After stopping at the Iowa Corn office in Des Moines, we got our culture in at the Amana Colonies. Unfortunately, this is the only picture we got there, but fortunately it is a cute one of my sister and I! I could have spent a lot more time there….but Ronny was anxious to get back on the road.

Next stop…Illinois. The best part of Illinois was having a celebration dinner at the Steak ‘N Shake in Joliet to celebrate Em’s big girl job! She will be starting with KAT Nurseries in Olathe, KS next week. And of course we saw corn in Illinois, too.DSC02442DSC02463

We stayed that evening in Stevensville, Michigan after around 10 hours of driving. We could have pushed it all of the way to Lansing, but we really wanted to see Lake Michigan, so you’ll have to wait until the next blog to see those wonderful pictures!

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