Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pumpkins, peppers and cukes

Even though we are very dry here, the garden is surviving, except I’ve given up on my lettuce and broccoli. For one, the broccoli gave me one good crop and didn’t produce much else afterwards – and Ronny thought it tasted funny. :) With the lettuce, I ate enough salads to make me sick of it, so I abandoned the last few weeks.

But my vertical pumpkins are doing just that. Going vertical.
Garden July 17

And then horizontal again. These long vines are really stretching out – but as long as they stay on the rock, I’m ok with them. And do you see that in there?
Garden July 17-2

We have our first pumpkin growing!
Garden July 17-3

As far as the cucumbers – they are officially taking over the garden.
Garden July 17-4

I’m loving my cucumber harvest, however, and have been taking them for snacks to work and am glad to have more growing.
Garden July 17-5

Lastly, my peppers (that I started from seed) are growing pretty big! Hopefully they’ll produce some peppers before the first freeze.
Garden July 17-7

Anyone else having good luck with their garden?

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