Friday, July 19, 2013

July Garden

Oh, wait. I have a garden?

That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling about my garden. Thankfully, Ronny has been taking pretty good care of it. As I told him, “I’ll plant it, but no guarantees on harvesting it!”

I like to look at it from my kitchen window, but thinking about going out in the heat these days – no, thank you!

Anyways, it really has enjoyed our hot, humid weather. Remember this from June?

Well now it is this. Kind of out of control. I haven’t had luck with tomatoes before. Well now I apparently do and they are prolific! Ronny put the pallet in to keep the cucumbers from growing over everything else. Kinda redneck, but it works.

And remember the random spots for the pumpkins that we picked out?

Yes, well here they are now.

Ronny set up a fence for them to grow on, but it’s going to need to be reinforced soon with the weight of the growing pumpkins. There are probably a dozen growing so far! image

The best part has been consuming what has grown. We’ve enjoyed some broccoli and lettuce so far, and are just starting to get red cherry tomatoes. Baby Pope likes these! I should have some cucumber ripening soon. It’s hard to say about the green peppers – the tomatoes have kind of over taken their area, so we’ll see if anything comes from them!

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