Monday, March 9, 2015

Chisum–18 months

Since our move, time has really flown. Our little boy is 18 months old today!DSC06885

He is so much fun, ornery, rambunctious, loving and playful. DSC06830  DSC06838

He is saying all kinds of animal sounds // moo, huh-huh (pig), ruh-ruh (dog), wheee-ee-ee-ee (horse), ow (cat), duck-duck-duck (duck), rraaahhhrrr in a whisper (applies to lions, tigers & bears….oh my!), hand in the air (elephant – he only does the noise when he wants), sssssss (snake), turkey (turkey – we have one name down!), ah-ah (monkey) and working on more.


He loves to say, “Amen” (sounds a little more like “a-nen”with a southern drawl) but it’s pretty adorable. Of course mama, dada, nana, & papa are said a bunch and we are working on grandma and grandpa. His biggest word he likes to say (because he likes to eat them) is “blueberry” and it comes out very understandable! The word “ouch” makes him giggle beyond belief. That giggle is truly the best sound ever.

A big snow storm came and we got over a foot of snow. It was really cold for about two weeks, but the snow stayed around long enough for us to get lots of sledding and snowman-building in.

DSC06891  DSC06895

I got a great video of Chisum and his excitement for sledding: WATCH.


Right during the storm, the first calf was born. Chisum loved talking to her.
And waving!

It’s so awesome for us to see him experience these things with life on the ranch. We love you, sweet boy!

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