Monday, March 15, 2010

Beaches times four…

Laguna Beach x Newport Beach x Huntington Beach x Long Beach = Beautiful views!

While in California, my co-worker, Janet’s husband’s uncle (or simply Shaun’s uncle) who lives in Orange County took us for the day looking at the beautiful views, some great seafood and my first time on an auto ferry…it was totally cool. Here are some pictures of the beaches.

A view of a harbor first thing in the foggy morning before the sun came out:IMG_1351

A view of Catalina Island:IMG_1358

Laguna Beach:IMG_1373IMG_1362

There was some great vegetation & wildlife:IMG_1366

These palm trees were SO tall:IMG_1382 

The rocks were beautiful and so smooth from the ocean:IMG_1363

Newport Beach:IMG_1389 IMG_1387

These houses were lined up so tight to one another, and each one was over $5 million dollars! Kobe and Tiger’s beach houses were right up the street. :)IMG_1423 IMG_1406 
Huntington Beach:
IMG_1420 IMG_1409

Long Beach (great sand beaches):IMG_1452IMG_1453

This was the auto ferry we took across the island to eat lunch:IMG_1429 IMG_1435 

These were two wedding yachts where the couple get married at sea and have the reception on the boat as well. Pretty fancy!IMG_1444 IMG_1446  

The Queen Mary ship:IMG_1456

A beautiful view from our lighthouse lunch!IMG_1457 

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Miss Mandy said...

I love your pictures and I also LOVE Laguna beach. That was my favorite one when I visited. I liked the small shops along the coast.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. Lol..all I can think about is that you might have seen LC or Lo walking around Laguna!! Also, I didn't realize that Newport beach was real either...thats where The OC is set. :)