Monday, March 29, 2010

Lincoln 5K Run

On Saturday, one of my best friends, Patricia, came up to Nebraska, and we ran in the State Farm 5K race in Lincoln, along with my Seward friend (and carpool buddy), Shelley. It was a cold, rainy day…but luckily the rain subsided just in time for the race to start!
We’re in the pack there somewhere! We wore chips on our shoes so our time didn’t start until we crossed the start line.
State Farm Run5
Here we are running away…wearing our PURPLE in BIG RED country! Looks like we’re in the lead! ha haState Farm Run4
We got a little muddy along the way, but we finished! (Actually our time was about 30 seconds faster than that shows because we didn’t cross the start line right away.)State Farm Run3
After the race with Shelley and Patricia.State Farm Run
And the guys worked hard drinking their coffee…thanks for coming to support us though!State Farm Run2
After the race when we were getting ready to leave, we walked by this vet clinic, and had to take the opportunity for a K-S-U!!!
Here are my race stats…I know, nothing to be proud of, but at least I beat some people!!
Distance:  5K
Time:   31:10
Pace: 10:02
Overall Place: 308 of 767
Place in Gender: 148 of 482
Division F2024 Place: 31 of 72


crystal.cattle said...

Kelsey, your a superstar. My running is going really slowly. Have you heard about the ZIP (Beef) running jerseys? They have a big steak on them!

Melissa said...

Yah for you girls! If you're really up for some running come join me on May 1 for the Apple Blossom parade here in St. Joe!