Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pork, Beans and Apple Pie

When you hear, Pork, Beans and Apple Pie, you're probably thinking of a meal with Pork....Beans....and Apple Pie. Well I tried a recipe that included all three ingredients into ONE and it was the best sweet and savory delight that has touched my lips.

This recipe, which was created to be served as a main dish, won grand prize in the New Pork & Beans Recipe Challenge sponsored by the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission and Nebraska Pork Producers Association. It was submitted by a gal in my town of Seward, too! I really need to meet this gal.

Being a supporter of the Nebraska livestock industry, I felt I had to do my part and try this recipe out for myself to see if it really was worth the grand prize. And it was. You have to think of it as a main dish and not as a dessert. This wonderful recipe just melts in your mouth with the savory deliciousness mixed with sweetness. Everyone in the office devoured it, and Ronny even ate thirds! I challenge you to truly give it a try!!

Also, here is the pdf version online. It also has four other winning recipes that I have yet to try!

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