Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Card Holder

I was inspired by Pinterest (again!) and decided to get a little crafty with a Christmas card holder.

When I saw this on Pinterest…


…I immediately thought of using Hank’s paw prints.

And he didn’t mind taking part in this Christmas craft. I started with a plain, white canvas. I used a square, but you could use any size.
Christmas card holder (2 of 12)

I made sure to use washable paint that wouldn’t harm him. Smile
Christmas card holder (3 of 12)Christmas card holder (4 of 12)

Almost done!Christmas card holder (6 of 12)Christmas card holder (7 of 12)

Phew! We made it with no green paw prints across the house either.

To make the trunk, I just used a little brown paint and dabbed it to add texture.
Christmas card holder (8 of 12)

In order to make this a card holder, I used a glue gun and clothes pins and glued 11 pins to the back after the front was dry. They may be too close together, but I wanted to have options in holding a lot of cards. (After making this…I decided it might look better to paint the pins white, but that’s always something I could do next year…I like the natural look of the wood though.)
Christmas card holder (9 of 12)

To make the top of the tree, I had some gold fabric, so after cutting out a star, I used Mod Podge to make the star stiff and stuck to the canvas.Christmas card holder (10 of 12)Christmas card holder (11 of 12)

To hold the canvas, I bought a silver picture frame easel. Craft complete…and thanks Hank for the help!Christmas card holder (12 of 12)


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Home on the Range Exchange said...

Cute, I like the idea of using Hank's paw. He looked like most guys being asked to do a craft project :)

Alicia said...

Love it! I was just looking for a card holder on Pinterest earlier today!