Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden 2012…

…is underway! Or underground, whichever way you look at it.

The majority of my garden I started from seeds this year indoors.
Planting 04282012

From seed, I planted pumpkin, lettuce, sugar snap peas, cucumbers and peppers.

My pumpkin seeds were really strong, but they ended up wimping out…I think they needed more root space. But my sugar snap peas, cucumbers and peppers came up good from seed. I got everything in the box this past Saturday. This is my second year for the box garden, we had pretty good luck with it last year!

Planting 04282012-3

We fence it off at the beginning to keep the digmaster (aka Hank) out! I don’t want a repeat of this.

I did buy a couple of greens already going – one zucchini, a few broccoli and four bib lettuce. (The lettuce I planted from seed is a butter crunch lettuce – hopefully the combo will make a great salad!)

Planting 04282012-5Planting 04282012-7Planting 04282012-8

We’re also trying a new idea that I found on Pinterest – Vertical Pumpkins. Ronny really wanted pumpkins this year to take to the fair (he makes me chuckle.), so instead of taking up our whole garden box with pumpkin vines, we are going vertical.

Planting 04282012-2

How these work is, when the plants start growing, we’ll make a little wire fence around them so they will grow up and over the fence. We may have to support the pumpkins when they start growing, but I found some different ideas – like hose – that can help hold them up.

We’ll see how it works. Now I just need to pray that we don’t get a late freeze. :-/


Anonymous said...

I sooo want to have a big garden! We have such a hard time getting anything to grow though. :(

Kelsey Pope said...

@Jennifer, I'm taking advantage of this humid, moist environment I live in. I grew up in the dry areas of Eastern Colorado - so this green thumb thing is a little new to me. :) Good luck, I would try potted plants inside!